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About Us

Mark & Natalee McCosker, owners of Betterway Media

About Us

Betterway Media is headed up by renowned Granite Belt publishers, Mark & Natalee McCosker, who have worked within the region over many decades providing printing and promotional services for local businesses and groups as well as maintaining the regions three largest and best known Business and Residential Telephone Directories, 'The Informers'.

With a passion for helping local businesses, Betterway Media is heavily invested in providing a full range of professional marketing and publishing services that help promote the best of what our region has to offer and we aid businesses and community groups up and down the New England Highway covering the areas of Glen Innes, Tenterfield, Stanthorpe and the entire Granite Belt.

In 2020 and in light of the COVID-19 crisis, Betterway Media launched a new Event Videography service - Betterway To Stream -  to enable the regions residents, who have been affected by border closures, government restrictions and intermittent lockdowns, the chance to virtually attend events by offering live streaming and video recording of local funerals, weddings and other community events.

Two years later, Betterway To Stream is still making a huge difference to the community as we continue to stream important local events while COVID-19 still affects peoples daily lives and our streams from The Granite Belt have been consumed in real time by viewers as far as away as Scotland, The USA & Canada.

Betterway Media currently produces the following publications & services: